środa, 16 listopada 2016

Time is out

The eyes of anger I was told my crew is danger signed I m 'fuck, I kiffe I' m sticky As alcohol is the glue My bitterness is not just not foaming the cum Do not be disgusted by life, you have not seen everything yet, you do not know everything yet When you see what you have been prepared: hardcore I feel the difference every time I am watched.
For whom do they take me: one of their own? Never take me for what they want: no objective visions, the subjective takes precedence over their looks. I have a heart ache when I think of their ideal: integration, listening, communication 2 times less friends twice less envy but also twice as much rage by the same opportunity I take the opportunity to dedicate this piece to Those who listen to him and god knows, if he exists, how many they are .... I express my rage against uniform thought, against a life that is summed up in two things As Byro would say "it is a funny life, a life where to love is to deceive"

Let's make everything, nothing remains, still how long before I fuck a bullet in my head, I give cheap to my skin, cheap what I have My heart ache No time for the Regrets, errors belong only to ourselves The world is vast or cow: question of point of view Mind fortified: heart flouted. When the drives outweigh the reflection
What do you want me to say? Alcohol before sleeping and next day remix My life is said to be sad. I thank you for your pity: two minutes gave you Give not: leave me kanné, continue as you do and we will achieve what you want ... You see all look at me kanner, all fighting balls ... all all all all not a single exception not a single exception. The only one who thinks of me to the good taste to hold on 5 times 10 centimeters and weigh 50 cl ... I live hatred of this scarlet water
It happens on Sabinki on seine, with the celebrities one will spend the crazy nights In the no Vile Production I propose to kill all the pedo travlo, to live in hotel casino Kontrole the boxes, the casinos and company, it is a trick of Crazy crazy of psychopaths Rosse the guys with blows of lacrosse, fo restore the death penalty for the son of a bitch I do not cry, when I cry it's disappointment haunts me, poetry disappears reality takes care of me the brain. Their system is theirs. It is not bad this system, otherwise I would have a solution brought. None of this. Did love strip me of its course? It may be the question that haunts me my days and nights apart from other material concerns ...

click click L'amour

click click

L'amour: seul l'être ne peut rien. La hantise de ne pouvoir se catharsiser. Ayant habit seul trois mois je me suis souvent demandé qu'elle en était le sense. Le sens d'habiter le seul them rapprocherais de Darwin et de la destruction matérielle. A la limite le mot interessant ici c'est le terme "meaning" Qu'est ce qui a un sense? Veut dire que le mot sense? Ces questions font le contour de ma vie. J'ai l'impression qu'en travaillant, qu'en s'occupant he cherche à oublier ces questions. Je pense aussi qu'étant donné a situation je me pose questions de Droles de Drôle de questions, peut être que si them Taff que je gagne du Pognon alors tout ira bien. Dernièrement j'ai trouvé une réponse à cette question et je citerais Mrs Grygiel ici "the best thing in life is feel happy and pay such a sense of another person

just call Harry

If you have problems, just call Harry may have some sort of magical prescription for your problems ...

Today I had to write something funny I told even half an hour I thought I would do it but unfortunately I fell mood. I fought with this, I wanted I wanted on the truth Just tell me: Why write when I have tears in their eyes? Just tell me: Why I'm not sad? Just tell me: Why do I cry when I'm sad? I'm sorry but you can not check my future I'm sorry but tears can not control indifferent to what the situation I know that I can count on each other and so all day all week The whole month The whole year but when I am weak when I'm mieki as pasta again, I miss you only man I each day when I do not see you, I know I lose you, I know you LOSE already this is not the same Obiektywyzm? He wants to have my life in the hands not he wants someone controlling him Although the control of my values, who knows maybe is impossible to do something?

Who was the first man on the moon Zaba she asked: What are you waiting Misiaku?

There was a frog who she met polyglot cosmonaut
Who was the first man on the moon
Zaba she asked: What are you waiting Misiaku?
At a glass of water
Zrodlana or sparkling?
But why? He wants you seem kase?
I earn so to seem
Note aaaaaaaaaa behind you flying parrot with pieciami legs and the chocolate in his left ear ... sorki right
Blue gray or red?
I do not know I'm color-blind
And that's sad
We go to the ketchup? I have before yesterday Tasmanian Chips
I like such zprzed three weeks
Hey clove, how do you write before? You can write? Because I know how to listen
That's great
Such greajt from jade to Budapest and perhaps to Powsin and perhaps to Tombouctou, you're with me ... and see who goes to the left, my mother is ....
You're like, a little
And what you see is surely she is two meters tall and more than I have 67.9854 earrings on his left ear ... !! :)
Where's your dog?
In the stomach, I had a craving for sweet moments you just eat
Scared mnnie afraid of you
This is just one heavy moment, you'l not had time to spell the name of Prime Minister of Nepal
Cool is my uncle
He can get me work in the office at home, no matter what I felt delighted with the works in GENIAllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllnym budynkuJ
Yes sluszalalam need a conservator with the flat surface of the lot where the floors and washing windows
Are you interested in this job ....
Mhmmm and what are the financial conditions and the so-called social package?
The financial arrangements for working hours also convenient only have to introduce the night mode of life, przychodzis 20 leave at 4 in the morning, but it can sleep up to 12
Well clove I go because I need late to do just zmykac on Pluto see or are there any krokodyly are living with cancer, most recently those will be found on Saturn and you know Pluto and Saturn have something in common. Guess what!
May the four moons of seven layers of milk chocolate with nuts and Milky Way, and so in general it Give my whole flock
And I thought that I have shared this with U in the middle of it may have some consequences
It can have serious consequences ... especially for humanity and the afterlife
Approx. ide already ship fly away, and as you know, once a month, such occasions can not miss ............ !!
Adios I take my leave! Milo was to talk
She left you a postcard from Plutoncity
Buy me Milke yoghurt Gallery Saturn;
Approx. Bye Bye!

Never, and I repeat never

That day never forget. Approximately 12 30 landed in Warsaw and frankly I did not think that I will have in Poland today, ie 19 March 2005
It's been exactly 2 years and 6 months (no more or less), and what conclusion can I download stuff after such a period?
People often ask me what I do in Poland. Pierwszi say that I have a girlfriend, others think "Loved" in Countries wschdnich
I prefer those who do not seek immediately answer
And now can I give my version:
I found in FAST because I thought that Poland is a paradise. As yet I lived in Poland t very przypedalem for Polish food and, above all, are these birds which I listen, heavy locomotives dzwieg who came by to Srodmiescie, I am on the reszczie not have to spieczyc when I'm in Empik ...
Never, and I repeat never been in Poland, because there any person on the other sex ...
In Poland, a few things I have learned from cooking to ironing by docenania certain things.
On dzysiejszym same people ask me why I am not in France. Again, I hear the same answer: probably he has a girlfriend in Poland, and that he is here.
And I was the last response that will invent reads as follows:
I am in Poland lest my life took some importance. A year ago, I wanted to be the guy who works between France and Poland. So I like to recharge at Okecie (now called Chopin ...) but also I like the taste of these nice kamiennice France, Paris is so nice, the city of my childhood and my youth. If the guy has a sense of life that can live normally I consider.
Sam George Polomski this to say:
My youth is the Airport ...
If you ask what is my favorite place in Warsaw, I do not know frankly
but I give up a short list:
- Choose cosmetics stadium
- Byc in Empik and do not rush
- When Zygmunt's Column is a nice view on the other side of Warsaw
Sure there are other places but now I remember.
It's all for today. Good night